iOS9 DetailedBatteryUsage Cydia Tweak

It unlocks all concealed battery use stats and details that will be never shown in the conventional view.

 Only like how we’d concealed springboard settings, we’ve concealed battery settings as well as a tweak to reveal these things.

To Assess Battery Details:

Ensure you’ve got installed the tweak.

There some attributes like Battery Degree Graph and alternatives like save for Demo, are losing in regular menu. The tweak needs no configuration.

Visit Settings ? Use ? Battery Use

and also you need to see a partially distinct interface this time.

 Another intriguing characteristic is the daemon procedures. Together with the tweak installed, youll find a way to look at more than the standard stock programs. You get a set of daemon processes and the way much they use up the battery. Be cautious about launchd. Dont freak out when you understand it is eating plenty of battery. Launchd’s a known problem/attribute.

DetailedBatteryUsage is up for grabs in the BigBoss repo free of charge.