Switching Fonts

When you use an iPhone the fonts on your applications are basically the same, so there is no wonder that you can easily get bored with your gadget. So, Cydia comes with the new and most popular apps, called FontSwap, which is available in all Cydia stores. With FontSwap you can change the interface of your iPhone anytime you like anyway you want. Is that easy. You can have different fonts for Dialer, when you dial a number, for the Clock on your screen, and of course, for your notes. If you want you can set the same fonts for these three apps. Finally, you can change the font for the all system and doing that you can control the text fonts for all your interface which can be very useful in manipulating the way your iPhone looks.
The developer ( Gaurav Giri)  thought that you should have the possibility to revert back to normal, if you ever get tired of your customized fonts so, he made it easy by using the” Restore Default Fonts” option. In addition, this application is set with a font pre-viewer, so you can see how the font will look before you install it on your iPhone.

Another good news is that with FontSwap you have the possibility to download hundreds and hundreds font packs or individually from the Cydia store so boredom will become almost impossible
Regarded as a whole, Fontswap is a great way to customize your iPhone and pairing with another application such as Spring Board Rotator or any other, you can make your interface unique. Any application for jailbreaking will want to add these one to their arsenal.
Note : If you own a iOS 5 please be informed that FontSwap is not yet stable on this operating system, but it is reportedly stable on iOS 4.You can use iOS 4 operating system which is guaranteed to work with.