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The best 5 Installous alternatives for iPad with iOS7

It is well known that everyone loved Installous app for allowing all users to purchase all the paid applications from AppStore for free. And it was a bad news for everyone the fact that was closed.

But as you probably know,  every bad news is followed by a good one. The good news is that you have alternatives. It´s important to be able to download as many apps and games as you can, especially as the latest iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini come with innovative features that have to be completely explored.

Here are the best Cydia apps like Installous:

IPA Search
If you need to use IPA Search you have to follow three simple steps: access the official site from your iPad, look for your games and apps(IPA Search will find for you on its server the most compatible ones ) and download the IPA files directly to your device.

IPA Installer Console
IPA Installer Console is a Cydia tweak from the BigBoss source which allows you to install IPA files and edits the iTunesMetadata.plist file so that you won´t be asked for future updates . What does it mean? It means that you will be able to use that app for free from now on. IPA Installer Console also makes possible the installation of apps on devices that officially aren´t supported by that app. This means, for instance that you can run on iPads apps that were initially designed only for iPhones.

AppAddict brings you lots of free Cydia apps that you can download much easier and in no time.

Zeusmos is a very successful like Installous app. What differentiate it from its Installous alternative is the fact that your iDevice doesn´t have to be jailbroken in order to use Zeusmos.

Although at the beginning Kuaiyong didn´t have success in the Western countries, after the translating of its interface in English things have changed. Users love it not only for the fact that brings them free apps,free Cydia tweaks and many others but also because they don`t have to jailbreak their iDevices in order to use it.