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Pokevision show real-time locations of pokemon Pokemon GO

Pokevision help you catch all the Pokemon pokemon GO service by displaying real-time location and time for all creatures that you find there.

Pokevision is a service extremely helpful for users Pokemon GO worldwide, him taking the information directly from servers Niantic to tell us in real time each location of Pokemon from the game company, and the time period for which they are available in a location or another.

In the picture below you can see how it works Pokevision he showing any Pokemon that is present in the game Pokemon GO, but unlike game in full this service you can see the exact location and minutes for which that Pokemon will stay in that location before to disappear completely.

Those from Pokevision claimed that information regarding these Pokemon are taken directly from Niantic, so we’re talking about a situation very exact location creatures of Pokemon GO and under you can guide you through cities to know if you have time to get to each Pokemon before it disappears.

Catch all the pokemon before disappearing Pokevision

A variety of such services have emerged in recent weeks, but Pokevision is one of the most accurate, and that’s because he takes data directly from servers Pokemon GO, so you know it a pokemon is in the location shown on the map, but and the time period for which he is shown as being present.


To benefit from this system must only access this website and there search for your town, Pokevision will display data in seconds, they can be combined with the Pokemon GO, and after catch some Pokemon will come illuminate the information they are accurate.

Pokevision is freely available, unlike other services that are trying to get money from this phenomenon called Pokemon GO, so you can catch all without pokemon to invest money in this Pokevision is perfect to advance very quickly in the game.

iOS9 DetailedBatteryUsage Cydia Tweak

It unlocks all concealed battery use stats and details that will be never shown in the conventional view.

 Only like how we’d concealed springboard settings, we’ve concealed battery settings as well as a tweak to reveal these things.

To Assess Battery Details:

Ensure you’ve got installed the tweak.

There some attributes like Battery Degree Graph and alternatives like save for Demo, are losing in regular menu. The tweak needs no configuration.

Visit Settings ? Use ? Battery Use

and also you need to see a partially distinct interface this time.

 Another intriguing characteristic is the daemon procedures. Together with the tweak installed, youll find a way to look at more than the standard stock programs. You get a set of daemon processes and the way much they use up the battery. Be cautious about launchd. Dont freak out when you understand it is eating plenty of battery. Launchd’s a known problem/attribute.

DetailedBatteryUsage is up for grabs in the BigBoss repo free of charge.

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The best 5 Installous alternatives for iPad with iOS7

It is well known that everyone loved Installous app for allowing all users to purchase all the paid applications from AppStore for free. And it was a bad news for everyone the fact that was closed.

But as you probably know,  every bad news is followed by a good one. The good news is that you have alternatives. It´s important to be able to download as many apps and games as you can, especially as the latest iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini come with innovative features that have to be completely explored.

Here are the best Cydia apps like Installous:

IPA Search
If you need to use IPA Search you have to follow three simple steps: access the official site from your iPad, look for your games and apps(IPA Search will find for you on its server the most compatible ones ) and download the IPA files directly to your device.

IPA Installer Console
IPA Installer Console is a Cydia tweak from the BigBoss source which allows you to install IPA files and edits the iTunesMetadata.plist file so that you won´t be asked for future updates . What does it mean? It means that you will be able to use that app for free from now on. IPA Installer Console also makes possible the installation of apps on devices that officially aren´t supported by that app. This means, for instance that you can run on iPads apps that were initially designed only for iPhones.

AppAddict brings you lots of free Cydia apps that you can download much easier and in no time.

Zeusmos is a very successful like Installous app. What differentiate it from its Installous alternative is the fact that your iDevice doesn´t have to be jailbroken in order to use Zeusmos.

Although at the beginning Kuaiyong didn´t have success in the Western countries, after the translating of its interface in English things have changed. Users love it not only for the fact that brings them free apps,free Cydia tweaks and many others but also because they don`t have to jailbreak their iDevices in order to use it.

Cydia Tweaks List

Jailbreak for iOS 8 has been out for over two weeks and in this little bit of time an remarkable amount of new tweaks are releasedin Cydia. The ones that have been already available have been upgraded to completely support iOS 8.2 and ARM64 devices at the same time. We’ve been posting about new tweaks on day-to-day basis but the enormous number of new releases could cause you to overlook a few great ones.

 In it we’ve featured a few of our most favourite hacks that feature complete support for iOS 8.3 and run on all apparatus.

If you’re a person who believes jailbreaking iOS isnt worth it then these hacks and programs would undoubtedly cause you to reconsider.

AirBlue Sharing 8.4 brings accurate Bluetooth sharing to iOS 8.1.2 powered apparatus. After installing it on their apparatus users can share a variety of files from one apparatus to another.


Activator continues to be the must have program for a long time plus it appears like it will remain that for a long time in the future. Activator empowers users to assign distinct activities for jobs including pressing of buttons multiple times and onscreen gestures. Performing an Activator gesture can activate distinct operations. The most recent version of Activator even enables users to put activities to Touch ID, rendering it much more useful and enjoyable. Activator may be downloaded from Cydia free of charge.


 This tweak can considerably make internet encounter better on iOS devices by blocking advertisements on Safari and third party browsers. AdBlocker is accessible for $2.19.

Helper Unrestrictor

iOS features two voice helpers, one is Siri while another one is not as complex but useful Voice Control. Siri needs Internet to work while Voice Control works entirely offline, meaning you get a voice helper regardless of Webs availability. This is a totally free tweak.

BytaFont 2

BytaFont 2 makes it straightforward for iOS 8.1.3 users to alter the font of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. BytaFont 2 enables users to use fonts to any or all sections of the OS or at particular places. It’s among the greatest tweaks to improve the visual appearance of iOS 8.4 beta 1.


Bigify is a tweak that produces it easy for users to alter look of the homescreen by use different settings to icons. Bigify tweak is readily available free of charge.


With Bloard tweak iOS users can merely replace the white computer keyboard of iOS 8.2 beta 6 having a better looking black one. The black keyboard seems aesthetically more satisfying particularly on a black iPhone or iPad. Bloard is readily available free of charge in Cydia.


ByPass makes having passcode protection less distressing by enabling users to bypass entering their password by performing an Activator activity. Users can place a secret gesture they could perform to ByPass passcode. ByPass tweak needs Activator and can be obtained free of charge.


BioProtect tweak makes iPhone 5s more useful by enabling users to safeguard programs using their fingerprints. This tweak simply allows access to programs following the user has confirmed authorization using their fingerprint. BioProtect is accessible for $2.99.

AppScan is a totally free choice to BioProtect with similar functionality.


CleverPin is just another tweak associated with passcode. With this particular hack installed users dont need certainly to enter passcode repeatedly when they’re at home, listening to music, charging battery and much more. It intelligently handles the passcode issue making the procedure less annoying for iOS users. CleverPin is a paid tweak and can be obtained for $1.99.


 CCHide enables users to conceal the sections of CC they dont use or conditionally conceal the music commands when they aren’t needed. CCHide may be used to produce Control Center shorter, minimalistic and not as crowded. It’s accessible in Cydia for free with complete support for ARM64 apparatus.


DockShift is concentrated on altering the look of the dock. Users also can alter the background by using tens of possibilities from the DockShift menu.


The BatterySafe is essential have tweak for people who consistently run out of battery and only find it when there apparatus has turned off.


The same as Activator the BiteSMS tweak has existed from several years and has confirmed itself as a favourite and hottest tweak among iOS users. It enables users to immediately respond to text messages or start a call without leaving the present program they have been in.


 BetrFoldr can be free.

iOS will not permit users to just disable the parallax effect. That is an availability alternative accessible but that also influences other cartoons. Disable Parallax Effect tweak makes the process easier by just disabling just the parallax effect. It’s possible for you to download it free of charge.


 Users may add new toggles and links with their Control Center as well as suppress a number of these from being reachable from the lockscreen.

HiddenSettings7 brings out the concealed SpringBoard settings Apple will not need one to really see. The settings are alike to Springtomizer 2 tweak enabling users to make large developments to the design and cartoons of the apparatus. The settings are fairly improved and shouldn’t be messed around in the event that you dont have any notion that which you might be doing.

iCaught U

iCaught U tweak adds an amazing security attribute to iOS devices that enables these devices to shoot the image in the leading camera if a person enters the passcode incorrect. The tweak not only takes the image but in addition sends it to the person who owns the unit via e-mail as well as the present location of the iPhone. The tweak is upgraded for iOS 8.3 and completely supports ARM64.

iTunes Radio Infinite

iTunes Radio Infinite tweak removes the dumpster limitations in the iTunes Radio. Not only this but it also removes the ads from Apples radio service which makes it perfect. iTunes Radio is a free tweak and accessible in Cydia.


 It deletes message attachments, Safari data, data associated with programs, Cydia and much more. iCleaner program deleted almost 1GB of data on my first effort. iCleaner is readily available free of charge in Cydia.


 It enables file transfer to root directory of the unit wirelessly from an internet browser. Users can go, edit, rename along with delete files using iFile program. iFile enables pictures, sounds, text, HTML, seems, iWork, PDF, Compressed as well as other styles of file transfers. iFile can be obtained as a trial offer and costs $4.99.

LockDown Pro 7 is effective at password shielding programs and folders for users. With this particular tweak installed no one would have the capacity to gain access to your private programs and date in your system. Users can place different passwords for various programs and folders and configure other settings at the same time. It even shields users from becoming delete by an unauthorized user. LockDown Pro 7 can be obtained in a cost of $2.99.


Need to put in a music widget in your homescreen whole with music control and avatar?

Messages Customiser

 Users also can select custom backgrounds, program tint, bubble opacity and much more. Messages Customiser tweak is readily available at no cost in Cydia.


 It only raises the speed of iOS 8.4 cartoons. The affect of the tweak is really substantial that as soon as you use it you wont have the ability to tolerate the slowness of default speed. NoSlowAnimations is readily available for free, also.

Open In Program For Pictures

Open In Program For Pictures adds a fresh alternative in image viewer which allows users to easily export pictures in various third party programs. The program enables users to export graphics in just about any program that supports picture import. It’s possible for you to download this tweak free of charge.

RecordMyScreen (tweak)

RecordMyScreen tweak supplies an immediate method for iOS users to record users’ screen action and share it with their buddies. After installing this tweak users can impute an Activator activity to it and immediately begin recording after performing that activity. There really are several alternatives to configure which can be located inside the Settings program. RecordMyScreen is readily available free of charge.


Swipey adds an easy program launcher to the lockscreen which can be obtained by simply swiping. Swipey enables upto to six programs to be added in the launcher. Swipe tweak is accessible for $1.99 in Cydia.


TetherMe is a must have tweak for those that would like to get native tethering despite the fact that their carriers dont let it. It avoids the constraints in the carrier. Among the greatest things relating to this tweak is it doesn’t add any icon to the homescreen as its settings can be found in Settings > General > Network.


SwipeSelection is an ill-famed jailbreak tweak that lately got upgraded for iOS 7. SwipeSelection is free too.

Virtual House

The Virtual Home tweak converts Touch ID right into a house button enabling users to get to the homescreen only by touching their house button rather than pressing it. The tweak additionally launches the multitasking display when user taps and holds the house button (faucet, not press). Virtual House tweak is for iPhone 5s just and can be obtained free of charge.


This set of must have Cydia tweaks and programs cannot be whole with no inclusion of Winterboard. This tweak empowers iOS users to use motifs and other third party visual components on their apparatus giving iOS a fresh new appearance. Checkout Winterboard motifs.


Zeppelin empowers iOS users to provide their apparatus your own contact by replacing the carrier name having a cool symbol out of their preferred brand, game or film. Users also can create and upload their particular artwork to Zeppelin. It’s a totally free download.

CyDelete: CyDelete makes it simpler to delete programs which were downloaded from Cydia. Its free.

CustomLS: With CustomLS users can alter the Slide to Unlock text in addition to put in a tagline below it. In addition, it enables users to disable camera grabber, time as well as other aspects of the lockscreen.

f.lux: f.lux tweak alters the brightness settings and temperature of the screen in accordance with the lighting states of the area you’re at. This makes utilizing the apparatus less distressing for the eyes.

Flat Notes: It replaces the paper feel of the program using a simple white backdrop. It’s free.

Bogus Carrier: On non-iPhone apparatus it just adds the user given text in the status bar. It’s free too.

Barrel: You will find tens of cartoons with this tweak. (2.99)

GlowDock: This is a totally free tweak.

NoPageDots7: The same as its name implies NoPageDots7 tweak removes the page gauges in the homescreen. The carrier name’s free.

NoSwitcherIcons: NoSwitcherIcons removes the icons that show up to the program switcher display right below the program previews. There aren’t any settings to configure and it’s readily available free of charge.

Slide2Kill 7: The Slide2Kill7 tweak enables users to kill all running programs just by sliding down on any programs preview in program switcher. The tweak has an alternative which allows users to exclude particular programs from being killed.

SkipLock: SkipLock only removes the lockscreen when there aren’t any pending notifications (or passcode protection) enabling users to gain access to their device just by pressing the house button or the lock button. It’s free, also.

 Users can press the button for Facebook or Google Plus to instantly share a standing to the most popular social media websites.

Photo Blackground: Photo Blackground adds a black backdrop in the rear when user is seeing photographs replacing the standard white one. Its free, also.

Ringdom: With Ringdom installed iOS users can place multiple ringtones simultaneously. The chosen ringtones are called at random.

SBPowerAlert: The SBPowerAlert is an easy pop up that gives users choice to reboot their apparatus, turn it away, see accessible RAM, place it in safe mode and much more. SBPowerAlert pop up can be obtained utilizing an activator activity. The action’s free.

VoicemailRemoveriOS7: This easy tweak removes the voicemail button in the telephone program. This is a blessing for those that tend not to make use of the Voicemail attribute.

iPhone 5S striped of secrets

In September 2014 Apple launched iPhone 6S, which, continuing the company tradition, proves to be a high quality device.  A quick overview will not reveal any major changes from his older brother, iPhone 5, but looking more carefully we will notice some small changes at the exterior,  like the dual flash led for the camera, the metal ring that surrounds the Home button and a new white golden color, beside the Apple classic ones .

Focusing on the inside, we can`t remain indifferent to the new A9 processor, which is the first 64-bit chipset ever used on a phone. This processor improves the phone`s performance, allows faster speeds and advanced features. It also gives the possibility of using more than 4GB of RAM.
We should also mention the M9 coprocessor, where “M” stands for motion, which measures data from the compass, gyroscope, accelerometer and without battery consumption will determine the state of your phone.
Another noticeable aspect is the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated in the Home button. You can now unlock the phone by simply laying the finger on the Home button. Same finger could be used for accessing App Store, iTunes Store, confirming the payments, so don`t lose it with the phone at the same time. It can bring you big budget losses.
Regarding the camera, Apple has stuck with the same 8MP but with a larger sensor that allows up to a third more light to be captured in, which is translated in higher quality pictures or video captures. This new camera can get HD video and image recording simultaneously. The iPhone 6S introduces also 10fps burst photography mode, good for up to 999 shots and, 120fps slow-motion video capture. Other changes consist in the new True Tone Flash that can mix together white and amber light, according to the ambient lighting and image stabilization feature.
Apple rated that the battery of iPhone 6S will last 250 h in standby mode, 10h in 3G talk time and up to 40h in listening music mode.
Being convinced that iPhone 6S is the phone for tomorrow, let’s enjoy the delights that it offers and wait for the iOS9 update, which we are certain that can’t do any harm to it.

Switching Fonts

When you use an iPhone the fonts on your applications are basically the same, so there is no wonder that you can easily get bored with your gadget. So, Cydia comes with the new and most popular apps, called FontSwap, which is available in all Cydia stores. With FontSwap you can change the interface of your iPhone anytime you like anyway you want. Is that easy. You can have different fonts for Dialer, when you dial a number, for the Clock on your screen, and of course, for your notes. If you want you can set the same fonts for these three apps. Finally, you can change the font for the all system and doing that you can control the text fonts for all your interface which can be very useful in manipulating the way your iPhone looks.
The developer ( Gaurav Giri)  thought that you should have the possibility to revert back to normal, if you ever get tired of your customized fonts so, he made it easy by using the” Restore Default Fonts” option. In addition, this application is set with a font pre-viewer, so you can see how the font will look before you install it on your iPhone.

Another good news is that with FontSwap you have the possibility to download hundreds and hundreds font packs or individually from the Cydia store so boredom will become almost impossible
Regarded as a whole, Fontswap is a great way to customize your iPhone and pairing with another application such as Spring Board Rotator or any other, you can make your interface unique. Any application for jailbreaking will want to add these one to their arsenal.
Note : If you own a iOS 5 please be informed that FontSwap is not yet stable on this operating system, but it is reportedly stable on iOS 4.You can use iOS 4 operating system which is guaranteed to work with.

top 10 free cydia tweaks

Today I’m going to show you guys my top 10 free Cydia Tweaks the first tweak in this article is CCLoader. Once you install it simply navigate to Settings application followed by CCLoader from there you have quite a few options to change Control Center exactly the way you like it. At the top you have you enabled sections that you can rearrange, so for instance if I want media controls all I have to do is just drag it to the top as you can see it instantly adjusts. So now let’s go ahead and put brightness to the top instead and again we have the brightness slider exactly at the top where we put it, so CCloader is absolutely great and also gives you the option to hide separators, you have the iOS 7 standard lines in between the different elements of Control Center. Now with hide separators enable once you bring a control center you don’t have those lines. It’s very nice it’s very sleek and there are other stand-alone tweaks that provide the same exact solution. However I prefer CCLoader because again it gives you a ton of other options, including the option to enable dynamic media control, which I’ll go over in just a second when I discuss the third tweak in today’s list.
Next ccpinfo for Control Center relies upon CCLoader essentially it just gives you statistics such as your WiFi and data IP addresses. It tells you how much storage is left on your device and it also tells you how much free or available memory or RAM you have, which is actually what I use it for most. In order to reposition it again, you can go to the settings for CCLoader and you can move it. It’s just ccpinfo again so I can move it to the top and as you can see it changes accordingly and now it’s at the top, we are going to go ahead and move it back down to the bottom.

Now we’re going to discuss the third tweak in today’s article being Slide2Kill 7. So what Slide2Kill 7 does is it closes out all applications and you can do that by going into multitasking mode. you simply have to swipe down on one application and it closes all app’s, some going to do it really quick and it will enable Slide2Kill 7. As you can see all app’s closed and it also free up a ram. So for those of you who paid attention previously you will notice that I have more available memory now. Also you will notice that I don’t have the plane section inside of Control Center. Dynamic media controls essentially removes the media control portion from Control Center when you don’t have an application open that’s playing media. If I were to disable it when I bring up Control Center now I have the play controls, however if I were to re enable it because I don’t have anything open in the background because I use Slide2Kill 7 to close out everything I no longer have that portion inside Control Center which in my opinion is really great definitely slams it down. Back to the third tweak though which again is Slide2Kill 7 you have a few options for aside from just enabling it. You can enable the option to chill now playing which again if you were to play media it would kill now playing if you have it enabled, also you can edit your excluded apps which essentially means that won’t close all those applications in that list if they’re enable.

The 4th tweak is biteSMS beta. If you want to get the latest version of biteSMS you need to add repo. biteSMS is a premium tweak it does have a trial period and once at trial period expires you just have a few simple ads telling you to purchase the extended edition biteSMS. It’s nothing too annoying and you can definitely use biteSMS even when it expired, mine is expired. Has a ton of different setting that can you can configure from inside the application itself. But for now I’m just going set an example of quick compose where I set up a custom action using activator to when I slide on the status bar up in the top it will bring up quick compose. By now you will have quick compose and I’m going to send a quick text message to myself. The message it will come through up at the top, and if I were to tap that being a notification it brings up quick reply which is extremely convenient from there you can open it, you can type in another message and send it, you can also get ton of options as well. We have pop-up, delete, we can call the number if there is a number, non-email address via iMessage and you can configure that completely from within inside the quick reply portion of the biteSMS settings app. If you open up biteSMS you will see it look like the traditional messages app, however of course we have quick reply and quick compose so it is superior. Now this is the traditional biteSMS app, it’s nearly identical except for this pop-up menu that occurs when you hit the plus button if he wanted to send a picture something for instance. Even with ads it’s fully usable quick reply and quick compose work perfectly without having to purchase the extended edition of biteSMS.
I can actually demo the next tweak SwipeSelection from within inside biteSMS or really any app that utilizes the keyword and inputs sections for characters, so essentially SwipeSelection is a free tweak that allows you to easily select all your text just by using the keyword you can also more accurately navigate through the text just by swiping on the keyboard its more convenient than if you were to tap and try to search for this specific spot inside of your typed text that you want to edit. Again you can also select it and it’s very simple to use its very fast in order to change it from the standard nav View to the select View, simply hold down the shift button and sway.
Next we have a Winterboard as you may have noticed my iPhone 5s doesn’t exactly look like a stock device because the icons are slightly different and that is of course because I have a custom theme installed via Winterboard. Winterboard is a powerful theming platform that allows developers and artist to create full themes that replace all elements of iOS they can also specifically target element such as the icons in this instance entry, themes for devices. Some going to go inside Winterboard it’s extremely simple it has a very awesome interface and what you do is you actually go through and select the themes you want to enable or disable. Once you check or unchecked those themes you can go to the Home Screen it will respring your device and you there apply or remove the themes you previously had selected. Winterboard is very great and you can get it from within Cydia in its actually developed by the creator Cydia himself Saurik.
Next stop is cyDelete which is a convenient extension that allows you to delete various Cydia apps that you install it actually having to go inside Cydia to delete them. So well it doesn’t allow you to delete certain tweaks that don’t have an icon, the ones that provide you with an icon on your Springboard, we can delete for example Terminal which is installed via Cydia. What I can do is go ahead and tap on it and you will see when it enters the wiggle or edit mode. I can simply tap the X up in the top left hand corner and will ask me if I want to delete Terminal. It is much more convenient and time-efficient to delete them this way again it’s called cyDelete.
Next is Disabled Parallax Effect, this is an extremely simple tweak and as you may have already noticed when I move my iPhone around it doesn’t actually move the background, the icons move ever so slightly still but it completely disables the parallax effect and this is really great because it does slightly extend your battery life because it’s not having to detect much motion data. So when I go inside Cydia as you can see the package listing is Disabled Parallax Effect and once you install it you don’t have any settings to configure. it simply works and if you want to re-enable parallax effect all you have to do is tap modify and go through the remove process and once you respring you will have the parallax effect back.
With this tweak ClearFolders is one of my favorite tweaks. It essentially removes the folder background and just displays your background. So as you can see I don’t have that customary white background for the folders that was introduced with the iOS 7. But when go exit out if it does give that slight animation so you can see there it almost tries to load it but it looks very clean once the folders actually open because again it disables that customary iOS 7 folder background.
And finally for one of my favorite free tweaks in this article we have multi icon mover this is a tweak that’s been around forever. You can find it from inside Cydia by searching MultiIconMover and essentially it allows you to move multiple icons at a time. So when we’re in the edit mode simply by tapping on an icon and holding we can move multiple icons again at a time as the name would suggest is simply by tapping them. When you tap icons you get little red check marks in the bottom right hand corner the icons and in order to move all the icons you have checked you just need to go to the desired page and then click the home button and all the icons that you had checked will move to that page.